soul collage logoTime To Create are excited to announce that we are helping to bring SoulCollage® to Gloucestershire with Denise Godfrey as a guest tutor on the afternoon of October 24th.
Denise is a trained SoulCollage® facilitator and is passionate about bringing this mindful art to you.
SoulCollage® is ideal if you would like to focus on your inner well being and at the same time create a work of art which will help guide you on life’s path. Each SoulCollage® card is a creative journey into revealing aspects of your personality and the many facets of your life.  The SoulCollage® process is a wonderful tool for tapping into your intuition, giving greater understanding of life challenges. With Denise you will learn to create beautiful Soul Cards and look for the symbolism within them.
Denise learned of SoulCollage® from Seena B Frost, who developed the craft in the USA. As soon as training became available here in the UK, Denise availed herself of it. She is keen to bring this mindful art to you and others who may benefit from the theraputic nature of this art.
You don’t need to be a brilliant artist to join in, as long as you can manage scissors and glue you will soon be creating beautiful Soul Cards for your deck.

Go to the SoulCollage® in Gloucestershire page now to book your place on this introductory course