Tess at the crafting table

Tess at the crafting table

The idea for Time to Create came about gradually over the course a few months, discussions mostly held whilst walking the dog. The catalyst in the first instance was when Chris was made redundant from a corporate position and decided to plunge ahead with his product photography and restoration business.
I, meanwhile, was still up to my elbows in the corporate world and making/decorating cakes in the evenings and at weekends.
After much toing and froing we decided to jump in with both feet, and so the search began for a catchy name (we like to think we succeeded) and Time to Create was born.
Our next step was to look for a premises, as soon as we walked into the building we knew it was the one for us, yes it was on an industrial estate, yes it needed decorating but it was close to the M5, had parking and the layout of the rooms could have been designed for us.
The next few months were hectic painting, decorating, building websites, designing the sugar shack, planning the courses, seeking supplies, putting up shelves…..you name we’ve done it lately. Not to mention all the red tape!
Here we are on the cusp of our future. We have planned and executed our practice taster day which went really well and the first official Crafty Taster Days have been launched on Eventbrite along with the first few courses. If you would like to join us for a fun and productive few hours just click on the one that interest you and it will take you straight into Eventbrite.


  1. Time To Create

    Good to hear from you Julie. What a coinkydink! We thought of the name whilst walking the dog. I checked the UK and US for anyone using it already, but didn’t think of ‘down under’. Oh well, I don’t think we’ll be treading on each other’s toes will we.
    We’re building the business up from scratch here, gradually adding to the courses and increasing the stock for use and for sale.
    Crafters of the world , unite! 😉

  2. Yes it is indeed a catchy name. It is my business name here in Australia and had been for almost 5 years.
    It is also the classes that I enjoy though I do quite a bit more.
    Good Luck! May Time To Create reign supreme on both sides of the world.